*Apocalypse Yow*
a ritual performance for the end times





We bow to the vast web of interdependence, the world, which is no else than enlightenment--
May all our mistakes be lucky ones

(chant that three times)

light and sound, heart and mind,
joy, love, time, space,
fire air water earth,
the atoms and molocules are ready for the end of the world
the planets and stars are ready for the end of the world
the galaxies, life, the universe and everything
are perfectly ready for the end of the world
but we are not
looking, its time to see, seeing its time to think, thinking, its time to do something

May all our mistakes be lucky ones


At the start of things,
In the beginning,
the opening of the universe,
The ancient beings known as angels, devas, orisha,
the gods of energy and matter
made atoms and molocules in accordance with their understanding,
by sending messages back and forth between them,
which are the four forces, space and time, and al the subatomic particles,
were created
in a vast eternal dance, they still create, to this very moment,
atoms and molocules.

In time that dance of the angels of energy
created amino acids, proteins, and so on
wandering about as they pleased
talking, singing, dancing
they made the bacteria and one-celled creatures.

Like clouds billowing, like children playing, like luminous swarms of fiery ants
the one-celled creatures felt the call and organized
they orgasmically organized themselves into organisms
trying all kinds of things in an organic orgy of creativity
they lashed and stroked each other with deoxyribonucleic braids,
tonguing and grooving
sharing their deepest longings,
arguing, fighting, each trying to outdo the others
they made the plants, the worms, the spiders, the bugs, the fish and the animals
all kinds of crazy things.

They made up the senses of touch and taste
better to smell you with my dear
they invented hearing and vision
better to see you with
Suddenly, they realized they were feeling and thinking--
Wow! Consciousness came on the scene
they stumbled into language, culture, mythology and religion
law, politics, economy, technology
were whipped up out of nothing by the angels of civilization.

and look at us now

the game of power:


Now we play the game of power, which is suicide
now we stroll in the great malls of commerce, sucking out the wealth
of the world
now we sit in restaurants, gossiping about
who's slimmer, smarter, prettier, richer
children cry for charity while they wait for starvation
lonely mothers drag tired children
lovers extort each other for pleasure
religions daily fight in the streets with machine guns
businessmen daily pour money into the black magic of media,
bribing us to forget who we are
our cars daily kill the breath of the world
workers daily hack and burn at the oceans and forests
like a man cutting out his own lungs
the kind, the gentle, the children, the wise are daily betrayed and abused
while cunning, fun to use weapons are channelled in numbers greater and greater into the hands of men made insane by the excitement of power
people grow petty and narrow and mean
children grow violent and selfish
the old grow sad and withdrawn
And everybody is afraid
and everybody is nervous
and everybody, everybody, everybody knows
that the end of the world is at hand.
do we have to talk about it?

The signs: the slaughters, plagues, famines, floods, earthquakes, wars?
the dying animals, the dying oceans, the lonely and the mad?

Yes, the end of the world must surely be at hand. The sun disappears,
dark shapes surround us and we are filled with fear.
Whatever you do seems to just make things worse.
Panic and fanatic people do crazy things;
the wise just shrug and say: "what can you do?"

Then why am I calm?
why does light eclipse the rim of my troubled heart?



The city lights fan out in all directions like an amoeba, making shapes of light like a mirror of the galaxies, like the luminous life of the ocean deep, in spiderweb lines out to the horizon. Each person has a goal, their movements making rhythms, patterns of complexity like clouds, like ocean waves, like the flight of birds.

The earth, bless her, still holds us up, grows trees, breeds creatures, flashes lightning from ground to sky. The wind and the ocean still swirl water and air making the sky, the sunset and the rain.
Life still works its business of cross-fertilization, the mating dance of all creatures. Life, invades the city dancing and singing; green blades crack the concrete, deer and foxes haunt the streets by night, swallows fly in building-canyons at dawn.

Life works; it is greater than us and supports us; our hearts pulse the ocean in our veins, we breathe the wind in our lungs, we flash the lightning in our brains; the message is out.

The angels of atoms and molocules still gather electron clouds around their far-off nuclei, singing in the voices of the subatomic forces; how could they not understand each other? Dancing in their very flesh of energy, how could they not be flawless, and they are us.

There is no problem for them, no problem at all-- they play their rich and ancient music without regard for the government or the Dow Jones index.
They could care less
they do it for free
for joy
ecstatic and empty
forever and ever

How are you feeling? Good, bad, angry, tired?
Your atoms are doing fine.

How are you feeling now? Angy, happy, worried sad: it's the perfect music of the molocules, the spheres, so constant that we never listen to it.
The strangest wonder-- your heart beats, you breathe air, your little eyes see
and nobody can say how.
Raise your hand-- how did you do that?
It was a trick we learned from our mothers and fathers, that they learned from their mothers and fathers, and so on back to the stone age, the animals, the snakes and snails.
Who are we if not this? Who do we think we are?
We are nothing without them
Nothing, and we own nothing-- sure as dying we borrow it all from the earth and sky.
Taking a ride on the old earth and its never been anything else
Your body breathing in and out
The earth's sweet gravity in your flesh and bones
the world hums in the secret snailshells of your ears
your heart is beating in your chest, strong, faithful and warm
This is what its like to be alive.
What can you do?
Not a thing
What can you do?
in the body, the cells
in the cells, the molocules
in the molocules, the atoms
in the atoms the subatomic particles ,
in the subatomic particles,the quarks
and we made a mistake

We made a mistake, we got stuck, we froze, we looked back, we stopped short, we said "who's that" we said what's this" we said "What's in it for me?"
me, me, me, me, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME! ME! ME!
we blew it.
forgot, forgot about the atoms and the molocules the cells the heart the bones the blood the sky the stars the earth the sea we said always and only always what's in it
for me

What can you do?
Not a thing
What can you do?

Wake up Wake up Wake up
Wake up Wake up Wake up
Wake up Wake up Wake up
Wake up Wake up Wake up

Wake up!

Get with the game, let go, give in, smell the roses
look up, look out, look lively, my hearties

Let go, relax, be cool, go with the flow, kick back, have fun
Let them know how you feel, they them know who you are, thet them know that you know, that you know what you are, that you know that you know what you know, that you know that you know what you don't know, that you know what you think that you know what you like, that you know what's going on, that you know what you see, that you see what's going on, that you know what's going on, that you're going on, that they're all going on, that you know that it's what's going on. Go on!

We are all so good
We are all so strong
We are all so fragile and easy to hurt
We are all so wise
We are all so funny
We're all so bizarre, so much can go on, so much can go wrong
when we forget

so wake up
to thine own self be true
forever and ever

send signals
make freinds
talk to them
invite them over
have a party
form a tribe
make music
make food
eat food
wash the dishes
tidy up
raise the kids
care for the old
live long and prosper



Why live in a castle like the old monarchs who just wanted to rule everything and own everything, surrounded by frightened slaves and cold stone walls, enemies at the gate?
Why be a vampire on the world, sucking its life with every trip to the grocery store?
Why forget yourself and never feel the cold air of dawn, never feel the soft earth, never smell the fresh air, cast off from home in a box made of plastic and steel?
Why give over you mind and your heart to the dark lords of television, to live on this way time off on weekends and debts to pay for the rest of your life?

Why castle walls?
Why so many things?
Why so many toys?
Why security gates?
Why insurance?
Why metal coffins?
Why eternal security?
Why convenience?
Why privacy?
Why bother?
We don't really need it
Not nearly as much as we think


command and vow:


Gods of the twenty-first century, gods of numbers, we call to you
hear us!
We call you from the deep wells of being
with the voice of all atoms, all cells and all angels
and hear well our command:
Let go, let go
To the powers of the world, with the voices of ocean and wind we call to you

power is not yours

power is not yours

You bend things to your will but for a moment,
then, like it or not it will snap back again
you know, in your heart of hearts that sooner or later it will escape you

so surrender now

surrender to the brilliant order of the angels, the power that was there
before you and will be there long after all your plans have faded into dust
The iron box unfolds into a rose, and all goes into order of its own accord
and sweet complexity reigns again, as you know it will in time.

We call on the angels the deep spirits of the world
come and gather in this place, be with us, who you are
give power to our wishes, our words, our songs, our spells
make them sound,
make them strong,
make them efficacious,
make them take hold

We promise you, by all that is sacred and strong,
by all that is fragile and energetic,
by all that is sweet and ugly,
by all that is funny and sad,
by all that is profound and unfathomable,
we promise you that we will not be afraid
and we will not forget who we are.
We promise to take responsibility for the universe and have fun
Make it so, all you spirits!
and you powers of the world, by our vow


You will be our protectors
Hey! You cannot disobey!
just surrender, great powers that rule the world
Don't be afraid
Just do it
Its OK
Do it now
It really is
We all feel that way
we really all do feel that way--
that's it!

Look around-- how do they feel?

That's it-- sending messages

back and forth

all the time.



Look, all I mean is that if we look back into the deep ground within us, the wisdom that is always a part of us, then we can find out how we fit into this universe so beautifully.
I don't say no pain, no sorrow, no loss, but we can do it ourselves. If we can do it ourselves, why not do it together?
Wouldn't it be fun to do it together?
No government, no panel, no committee can do it, not now, not ever. But if we all do it and if a butterfly in Brazil can flap its wings and cause a hurricane in China (which we are told is completely possible),
then we could change the world.
We change it, whether we want to or not.




you can do it
never fear
don't forget your promise!


sales pitch:


its just the beginning of a fabulous adventure
a trip to an exotic land
a wild ride on the tide of the real world
and its affordable
comes in a variety of sizes
and colors
that fit you well
and looks great on you
tastes great
and is good for you
superb design
classy, comfortable and fun
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never out of date
a classic
lets do it

How are you today?